Thermal Transfer Printers

SmartDate Series

Thermal Transfer Printers (SmartDate Series)

How it works...

Thermal transfer technology combines a thermal printhead and a polyester ribbon coated with ink on one side. Heat transfers the ink from the ribbon onto the packaging film that is marked as it passes under the thermal printhead. The thermal printhead is made up of a row of independent tiny resistors mounted on a ceramic support. These resistors are then activated based on the characters to be printed, melting the ink on the ribbon and “transferring” the selected characters to the packaging film.

How we can help...

Industrial Printer Services Ltd offers a range of Markem-Imaje Thermal Transfer printers, offering effective printing and marking solutions. The SmartDate Series from Markem-Imaje delivers high-quality printing on flexible packaging films, foils and labels. It offers superior performance on continuous and intermittent operations, with multiple ribbon saving features for both flat and near edge printheads.

It's an effective printing solution for the food industry including the dairy industry and confectionery industry, as it's ideal for coding and marking flexible packaging like flow-wrappers bags, tray seals, pouches, sachets, and vacuum pack substrates.

Discover more on the Markem-Imaje X40, X45, X60, and X65 series thermal transfer printers above, or contact us to find the perfect printing solution today.

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