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We supply leading printing technology to the pharmaceutical, toiletries and cosmetics industries. Whatever your printing needs, our experts can advise you on the most appropriate cosmetics industry printers for your product and business requirements.

The pharmaceutical, toiletries and cosmetics industries require product coding that is 100% legible, to ensure product traceability and compliance with legal requirements, brand protection, high quality marking and product decoration. Our product coding, case coding and pallet coding technology offers the best technology for this. The printing solutions we provide will give you the highest efficiency and speed, and allow you to print on a wide range of substrates.

Pharmaceutical, toiletries & Cosmetics Industry - Codes & Substrates

Our product coding and marking technology can be used to print best before dates, batch numbers, logos, barcodes and 2D codes onto your products, cases and pallets.

These codes can be applied to many substrates, from flexible packaging, rigid plastic, metal, paper-based containers and glass. Below you can see some of the specific applications our printers can offer.

Specific applications:

  • Water and alcohol resistant marking
  • Adhesion onto PE packaging without pre-treatment
  • Non migrating and light fast marking
  • Marking directly onto tablets
  • Indelible printing
  • Serialisation at high speed

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